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Book Review: Well Hung Over in Vegas by Kimberly Fox

Title: Well Hung Over in Vegas

Author: Kimberly Fox

Format: Kindle Unlimited

Genre: Romance (NSFW)

Main Characters: Dahlia & Tyler

Opening LineIs that a man’s watch?

The 7 Key Words:

  • Laugh Out Loud
  • Pineapple
  • Rainbow
  • Ball Gag
  • Lucky 7
  • Sunshine
  • Tattoo

Best Moment: When Dahlia finds the tattoo on Tyler.

Missa’s Review:

If you haven’t read my introductory blog post yet, check it out here. If you have, then you know that THIS is the book that started me on this fun adventure. THIS is the book that had the clever play-on-words title that prompted a change in my life. And in looking back, THIS is the perfect first book to start a journey like this.

Now how do I tell you how much I loved this book without giving any more away than I already have? Therein lies my challenge. 🙂

From the opening line of “Is that a man’s watch?” followed soon after by the line “Why is my underwear on the lamp?”, Kimberly Fox sets up a fun Vegas adventure between two people who most likely wouldn’t have even greeted each other in passing had these series of events not happened to them. And you will laugh out loud with them as you learn about said events.

Our heroine, Dahlia, was warned by her friend Emily that some people just can’t handle Vegas. At first, you think that Dahlia is one of those people. But I think not! Dahlia can handle Vegas just fine. She just needed to get out of her own way. And, our hero, Tyler, is the perfect man for the job. Because let’s face it, when you are the one who is in your own way and you can’t see it, you need someone to step up and give you a good shove.

Now, Tyler is not without his own issues. And Dahlia being who she is, is the perfect woman to help him realize what’s really important in his life and why. Together they really do make a great team. And a team that you find yourself rooting for.

It was a fun, enjoyable experience to witness these two characters thrown together and watch how they navigated the series of events. The witty banter between Dahlia and Tyler is just one of the many reasons why this book is worth your time to read.

Hopefully, I have not given too much away and it inspires you to give this book a read. I would like to end this with a salute to the poor Ferrari salesman who ended up in the trunk. He handled that well. AND, I would like to add that I will never look at pineapples the same way ever again. I now have a new memory to associate with them.

Thank you Kimberly Fox!

Missa’s Ranking: YES!! ♥

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